Lock up: Chakrabarti expelled, heartbroken Kangana tells him ‘you have set a false precedent in my prison’ | Internet series

Sunday saw the first exit of the reality show Lock Up and presenter Kangana Ranaut said she was upset. Chakrabarty became the first contestant to be expelled from the show and Kangana scolded him harshly for his attitude. Chakrabarty, Siddharth Sharma and Anjali Arora were in the last three places in Sunday’s episode of Lock Up. (Read also: Poonam says she tried to kill herself ‘several times’ due to ex-husband’s abuse)

Gangana asked them to go to the ‘Benacap room’ and see a secret word and then they were given a secret word. Showing the word Russian to Anjali, Chakrabarty got Radhe. Siddharth started crying when he saw what was written there as ‘Sports Development’ and Chakrabarty had to help him get out of the room. Later, Kangana sent Karanveer Bohra to help Siddharth. Karanveer hugged Siddharth and told him not to worry, do what he thought. Siddharth continued to cry as they stood near the buzzer and tried to protect themselves from the exit.

Kangana said that the person who presses the buzzer button first will have the opportunity to be saved from the exit and stay safe by sharing his own secret. After Anjali pressed Basra, Kangana asked her to sign the contract before sharing her secret. Then Anjali revealed her secret. He said he went to Russia once for 17 days for filming. She asked someone for money and instead, she went to the party with that person.

Kangana, who said at the time that Chakrapani had made no attempt to pressurize Basara, asked what his secret was. He said, “It really is nothing. There is no such secret. I’ll tell you. “However, Kangana stopped him and said, ‘No, we do not want to hear from you now that you do not want to press the glue.’

She said, “I thought you were a strong competitor. But the day I wrote your name instead of someone else in the indictment, I stopped rooting for you. You wanted to get out of jail. You called yourself unworthy. I do not know what you wanted to prove by this sacrificial attitude. The world does not work like this. You have set a false precedent in my jail and Siddharth is also under your influence. I fear he will leave next week. In his defense, he said, “I want to be alone. I have no complaints, no regrets. I have nothing to show, no one to impress. I have not come here to win tasks, I have won enough missions in my life.

Kangana told him, “Our soldiers are standing at such a low temperature and fighting for the country, have you given up because of the unavailability of cow’s milk? You went into a shock at home and could not cope with the difficult situation. Of Her Gay. Your spirituality is not working. Aap ne ye sode se adyachar ke samne goodne tek thiye. Aap pahar jake sene ki kshamta pathaye. (You gave a little before the torture. Go out and learn to increase your endurance.) ”Chakrabarty then left the show.

In an earlier episode, Kangana asked why Chakrabarty refused to come forward and save his team during a mission earlier this week. Kangana mentioned that the contestants in the task had to drink milk and that Chakrabarty had asked for milk for a while before the task came. “You made a mistake. It’s good to come before the subject and say ‘I can’. Also, you Swami. You have so much knowledge in yoga, you have to lead when you are on a team. You are always in this state of mind, I do not know, you are a mistake here When you feel like a person, you must not forget that the environment does not make a person bad and abusive, that person’s own thinking and nature do them, you have to support them. Your team is doing something – physically, mentally or emotionally but you did nothing like that. “

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