Lock Up: Asma Falla calls Mandana Karimi ‘Loose Motion’ and threatens to break her face. Here it is | Internet series

Mandana Karimi and Asma Falla, who have been at loggerheads since entering the lock-up last month, saw another fight on the show. A day after Mandana fights with Payal Rohatki for talking about her mother, she threatened Asma that she would break her face if she got her parents involved in the dispute again. After her argument with Payal, Mandana revealed that she had been rejected by families on both sides of her parents and that her mother had not spoken to her for six years, although all is well now. Read also | Lock up: Mandana Karimi said that her mother had not spoken to her for six years and that was the reason

The fight was sparked by a new ad for Lock Upp shared on Alt Balaji’s Instagram account and another version of the ad shared on MX Player’s YouTube account on Wednesday. In the videos, you can see Asma mentioning her parents arguing with Mandana. She said, “Loose motion, Callian date hi. Ma-pop ne sikaya nahi kya kuch? Ha unko doon chot thia na pachpan main a child).”

“The next time you talk about my mom and dad, it’s going to be your face, it’s going to break,” Mandana angrily moved the bars of the makeshift prison doors back and forth. Asma asked Mandana why she had abused her parents the day before, but the latter insisted it was not so. Mandana said I did not give Kali to anyone’s parents.

Other contestants tried to convince Asma that Mandana had not abused her parents, while claiming that she was only talking to Asma’s father in his native Persian. In one part of the video, Asma told Mandana, “If you ever touch my stuff again, you will not find any of your stuff here. You have to walk naked in the lock up.”

Lock-up streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player will be aired on Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes on weekends for seven days. Apart from Mandana Karimi and Asma Fallah, the show also stars Munawar Farooqi, Payal Rohatki, Karanveer Bohra, Shivam Sharma, Anjali Arora among others.

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