Lock Up: Anjali Arora Says Carnavir Bohra Told To Pretend He Loved Her, Munawar Farooqi Called It ‘Stupid’ | Internet series

Anjali Arora reveals that Lock Up co-contestant Karanveer Bohra asked her for a fake attraction and made her look like she fell for him. That said, audiences enjoy things like this. Anjali was talking to Munawar Farooqi on Thursday’s episode of the ongoing reality show when he spoke about it. Kangana Ranaut was the host of Thursday’s episode and Karan Kundra was the jailer. (Also read: Caranveer, dubbed ‘Failure’ at Lock Up, hit back by wife DJ)

Anjali whispered to Munawar, “Karanveer and his wife came with the picture and said ‘You and I are in this game’. I told him I understood. Karan told him about his relationship.” The doctor said, “Are you serious? This is nonsense.” Anjali smiled and said, “This is what sells for. One page love. Mary Age Ho Guy (I’m getting old) but you’re so young. If you start liking me, people will like it.”

Anjali said she simply asked him what to do. “He told me I had to show the audience that I’m crazy for him.” She started laughing and said “I said, OK. But it was as if I was from Delhi. There is no way. ” Munawar asked why she took the time before telling her that. “Have you been thinking about it? Do you want to try it? I do not know, maybe you’re attractive to him and really fell for him?” He asked.

Tribute, “Are you serious about this? Do you really think so? You know me!” The groom even said she was ashamed and asked if she was taking her time. Anjali said as she put on the blush.

To Anjali Munawar, “I will beat you! But, seriously, it must be secret.” Munawar assured that he did not have the quality to talk about such things.

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