Laura Dutta says she retired from films because she was tired of playing ‘Hero’s Girlfriend or Wife’ | Bollywood

Actor Laura Dutta decided to stay away from acting because she needed to be ‘girlfriend or wife’ in the title ‘Girlfriend or Wife’.

After nearly a decade of living following her first Andaas in 2003, Laura slowed down her film work after 2015.

The actor said that the decision to take a break from the screen was taken as his choice to give time to his daughter Saira, whose husband Mahesh Bhupathi rarely challenged her with interesting areas of industry.

“By the time I was in my early 30s, I could honestly have won an auction. It was a different place in the industry. You’re acting because a sexy actress has to star in a film. You avoid the hero girlfriend or wife. I’m tired,” Laura told PTI. .

The 43-year-old actor said he decided to deal with the situation by emotionally choosing comedy films, which he found gave him more opportunity to act.

Dutta has starred in several blockbuster comedies such as No Entry, Part Bag, Partner and Housefull Franchise.

“It gave me a lot more than just being the girlfriend’s wife. I left my mark on making successful and popular comics. It turned out to be my sweet spot, giving me the opportunity to be more than just a pretty sexy heroine on screen.

“When I had my daughter when I was my daughter in my early teens, I came to that jaded and tired. It’s important and refreshes me to take it away from me,” she said.

In the last two years since returning to the screen, Dutta has been featured in three series- Hundred, Hiccups and Hookoops and her latest gown Benaki Shikarvati.

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Three shows — a cop, a single mother and a strange king’s daughter, trying to be his successor, the daughter of a strange king.

“I’ve worked hard in the last 18 months, more than I’ve done in the last six years. It’s an incredible release as an artist who can play these different roles,” he said.

The actor believes that the advent of digital media has completely changed the landscape of the cast.

“When I decided to leave, I entered the country on OTT platforms and changed the whole landscape for the cast. So now you’ve got a better job than when you were away! I have the time of my life,” he added.


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