Lakshmi Manju goes to the gala: The world celebrates our art forms, we do not embrace them

The actor-producer points out that there are more yoga studios in Los Angeles than in India; Concerned about the lack of a culture rich in such physical and spiritual practices in India

During the filming of one of her upcoming projects in Kerala a week ago, actress Lakshmi Manchu decided to train herself in Kalaripayat, the oldest form of martial art. He tells us, “I had a wonderful opportunity to be in Kerala and was able to approach a teacher (Krishnadas Vallabhbatta) who is the president of the Kerala Kalaripayattu Sangam. I would get up at 5am and finish training and go to work.

Speaking about her experience in learning martial arts, Manju said, “This exercise improves your breathing, strength and control; It is like a prayer using your whole body. It’s not about how many moves you can make, but about how you use it to focus. And it does not look like a regular workout. The way my teacher came to me with full force hurt me many times (laughs).

The 44-year-old is interested in continuing his training sessions but is concerned about the lack of a culture rich in such physical and spiritual practices in India. “There are not many teachers. “I wish there were more yoga studios in this country than beauty parlors,” he says. There are more studios in Los Angeles than all over India!

Actor Pitta Kathalu (2021) believes that traditional practices need to be followed so that they do not become extinct. “Gallery is the oldest form of martial art known to mankind; It is older than karate and kung fu. If you go to the temple of Shaolin (China), you will find the Kalaripayattu postures engraved. The world celebrates us but we do not embrace ourselves, ”she concludes with a sigh.

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