Lakshmi Manchu takes ‘slow’ after recovering from Kovit-19

Actress Lakshmi Manchu has been suffering from chronic fatigue even after coming negative in the Kovit-19 test. That is why she has decided not to put any pressure on her body until she regains her lost stamina.

“I’m still tired, but I’m very relaxed because I’m negative. I’m taking all my vitamins regularly because covid disease affects your body, and you need to monitor your recovery and how you feel,” said Manju, who tested positive in the first week of the month. Shares.

He continues, “I tried to work out after the first two days of the test negative to get my endurance and health. I could feel my muscles tingling more than usual. So, I’m going to slow down because I do not want to get into any post-coveted issues.

She starts working again, but looks at the schedule, “I’m in Kochi, where we are isolated and shooting in remote places, so we are not usually in public”.

The 44-year-old knows her body needs recovery and is willing to give it all “it takes and means”.

She admits she knew she had contracted the virus when she began to experience “physical pain, fatigue and headaches.” “Since I was fully vaccinated, I was mentally very strong to deal with it. I did not panic, I took medication and fed my body with all the healthy options,” says the daughter of veteran actor of Telugu cinema Mohan Babu, who is also proud of her father for opening the University of Education.

According to her, the hardest part of being afflicted with goiter was not being able to hug or kiss her daughter Vidya. “He was a champion and fully supported me. But in a time of complete isolation, distance is the hardest thing,” the Basmati Blues (2017) and Kathryn Language (2018) actors share.

After that, Manju tried to reassure people not to panic if they got the virus, but to “get vaccinated” instead. “Because if you are vaccinated, if it infects your body, you are strong enough to fight the virus. It is very important to ask your doctors, your body and self-medicate,” he concludes.

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