Kritika Kamra believes that women are more advanced than men in a set web series

The actor says that despite the famine for shows performed by women, the situation is better now; Says there are no complaints in the audition after 15 years

Actress Krithika Kamra, who made her acting debut in the TV show Yahan Ke Hum Sikander in 2007, feels that one of the biggest changes in the entertainment industry over the years is based on gender equality. “Even in the West there is a shortage of performances by women. It’s bent, but it’s getting better. We know many female filmmakers today. In fact, there are more women than men in a set,” says actor Tanuja Chandra, who collaborated with producer Ekta Kapoor. Directs the next film.

Does he notice the difference in the way female filmmakers handle subjects? “I do not think understanding emotions is gender-based. There are some stories to be told from a woman’s point of view. If there is a story about a particular gender or community, it is always a plus if we have someone who has lived through that experience,” Khan Paneki Shikarvati recently wrote on the web. Kamra describes what was seen in the series.

The Tandav actor, who has shown his talent in media like television, movies and now the internet, does not have to “complain” in an audition if he wants to prove his talent for a particular role. For her, it was an interesting way to suppress stereotypes surrounding TV actors.

He shares, “I am happy to prove that not all TV actors have a particular style. I am very happy with the exam. I get calls from directors and actors who already know who I am and the work I do. But if they want to try me a part, it’s very good. If I do not audition, I do not know if I will be fine.

The 33-year-old adds, “Auditing is a good and clean process in which you try as hard as you can to understand what the producers are looking for in you. Even if I don’t get that part, it makes sense to me.

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