Kirti Gulhari kisses Shebali Shaw in the human film: ‘What if I’m Directed?’ | Internet series

Keerthi Gulhari and Shebali Shah star as doctors in their new Disney + Hotstar show Human. They also share a kiss on the show. Keerthi told the Hindustan Times in an interview that it was strange for me to think of creating that chemistry with a woman.

Commenting on this, Keerthi said, “The show has our (Shebali and Keerthi) hands touching and kissing scene. I mean, of course, I’m an actor, of course, I’m awake. , It’s still weird for me to give a guy the expressions I want. It’s weird. “

He added, “I went from one point to another. I knew no product could prepare me for it, it was in that moment. I had to control myself in a way to go beyond the notion of gender, and then I realized that what was in front of me was male and female. Not about that feeling, but about what I feel for that person.

Commenting on the filming of the kissing scene in Man, the actor said, “I think my director Moses Singh was the most nervous about the kissing scene. What if I kissed her and I was the only one (thinking) what would happen if I felt anything?” That too would be something, I would have to sit down and think about whether I see women too.That’s what I had.We did not watch the rehearsal.My director made us do 8-10 tags to take us from different angles.We did it the first time, we were like ‘OK’, ‘God I was relieved to think, ‘Thank you, Koi, I’m not feeling well,’ and then Moses came back and told us to give him more tags. “

“After the first two tags, we looked at it like robots. That’s sex on screen or kissing on screen. People are surprised about this, but it’s so boring. There are 100 people around you. No privacy. You say ‘action-cut, action-cut’. You are at the mercy of your director. You do not have time to realize, trust me. ” After the show, Shebali said to herself, “I lost my virginity for you. I never kissed on screen.”

Keerthi also shared how working in man has helped to discover the need for transcendence. “I’m beyond gender, it’s a very independent place for me.

Both Keerthi’s character in the film Human and his famous show Criminal Justice have lived in denial for a long time in their lives. Asked if you have ever encountered situations like this in your life, he said, “I firmly believe that this has happened in my relationships. I think this will happen to many people. Not just my marriage, but the other relationships I had. When you leave, things make sense and you can combine the two. “

Keerthi announced her separation from her husband Sahil Sehgal earlier last year. When asked why you decided to separate without getting divorced, he said, “For me, when I decided to leave, I had the intention of setting myself apart from the situation I was in for my own benefit. I wanted to do that. One decision was, ‘Oh I get my lawyer. Yes, I have to sign the documents. I have to get out of it. It’s not about the outdoor idea of ​​getting a divorce. You know. I could have lived under the same roof and done the same. I may have decided I’re not part of this (relationship) anymore. “

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He added, “You share a lot as husband and wife, one of you really hurts more than you did as a boyfriend and girlfriend, someone’s heart breaks, as they say, people hurt others, they want to hurt you back, it was in vain, under the same roof No sense in telling you now – I’m going to live on my own. I feel ready to go. Done. “


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