KGF star Yash: People want entertainment in cinemas

With the release of movies in theaters, Kannada actor Yash’s KGF: Chapter 2 is finally coming to theaters. Despite the growing popularity of OTT platforms, the actor says he is determined to keep his fans entertained on the big screen.

“People need entertainment in cinemas, it’s an imaginary world and you understand things to a great extent. I’m a movie-going actor. I believe in that world,” he tells us.

With the re-run, it is difficult for theaters to reactivate due to the epidemic affecting the film industry’s overall economy.

Yash also feels the impact of the closure of theaters. “Cinema is not where you go in mode and is not watched (not desirable). It does not provide you with that experience in OTT remotely on your TV. You have to put everything aside and go into the theater while enjoying the films. Go into that world and that is the process you enjoy,” the actor explains.

The 36-year-old is not only his film, KGF: Chapter 2Eagerly waiting to see all the movies that will be released in theaters.

“I want to see good pictures on the screen. It was depressing, I was first a spectator and then an actor, ”he added.

Another aspect that makes Yash happy is that as theaters are back in business, how important pan-Indian movies have become, many are ready for release.

Actor, whose film KGF: Chapter 1 One such project, which was a huge success, said, “I think it’s very obvious. I do not understand why we think North, South, East, West … It’s a whole industry where people want to see different things. Why these restrictions?”

He further explains, “The box office in India is huge and if anyone is willing to hit all these markets, imagine the possibility. Visitors are waiting to see all kinds of content. We need to figure out how to achieve a place where everyone can be entertained.

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