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A twisted story that moves with love, lies, hope, betrayal, complicated relationships and the dark realities of your past, Kehriyan is an intimate film. Although this is not the first time the betrayal has been shown on the Bollywood screen, the story has certainly matured, the characters are still deeply ingrained, and it is no longer about simple attraction.

From Kabi Alvida Na Kehna in 2006, the idea of ​​looking for love after marriage could not get many viewers’ heads around, and now in 2022, a film like Kehriyan explores in depth the reasons for the stalemate in relationships. Progressive journey. Yes, relevant.

Starring Deepika Padukone, Ananya Pandey, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Thairya Karwa in the lead roles, Shakun Bhadra’s Kehraiyan is a modern day love story where it is natural to fall in love and find another place again. Alisha (Deepika) and Karan (Thairya) have been together for six years now and they plan to meet her cousin Thea (Ananya) and her fianc மனைவிe Jain from LA. After a few words and sweet glances Alisha and Jain are immediately drawn towards each other.

In her own world, Thea is unaware of what is going on behind her back and Karan finds it difficult to publish her book and runs the family with Alisha. In the midst of all this, lies come out and some are hidden.

Although the trailer has given a lot about the plot of the film, I’m happy to keep the curiosity, suspense and twists that the story expresses when it comes out.

Shakun’s story, which he co-wrote with Sumit Roy, Ayesha Devitre and Yash Sahai, has its heart in the right place, but it stumbles in many places. ‘Why’, ‘How’, ‘Really?’ Some questions are unanswered and some issues are considered sorted. The characters in this film move their lives very easily without wanting to know what the real plot was. Despite these shortcomings, Kehriyan unravels the intricacies of relationships and the extent to which one can go about saving or destroying them.

Kehriyan is directed by Shakun Bhadra.
Kehriyan is directed by Shakun Bhadra.

There was much excitement about Kehriyan appointing a close director for the scenes between the characters of Siddhant and Deepika. Do we need it first? Well, you look at the picture to know that. Unfortunately, I did not feel any spark between Deepika and Siddhant in those particular scenes and Deepika was beautiful and comfortable throughout.

Deepika has a knack for selecting complex characters and portraying them with great confidence. Her meticulous acting in Kehran reminded me of Veronica in cocktails and Tara in jokes. As Alisha, she is strong, ambitious, but goes through moments of weakness and weakness.

Ananya, on the other hand, plays very beautifully for most of the film. However, in the second half, Shakun Bhadra gave enough shots to express his performance. Tyria’s character, however, was half-baked and needed a lot more. He excelled at whatever he did on screen, but his story could have been included in the film, but it was totally not.

In the end, Siddhant’s Gully Boy set the expectations too high and Kehriyan did not really bring the best from him. To polish his dialogue delivery as a romantic hero. He needs more involvement in the way he gets emotional during intense scenes, and the areas where he shows anger will not really hit you hard. It was a bit disappointing that his character did not stand alone despite having to do so much.

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The speed of the film somehow works in its favor because it is not too late or trying to lose track. You will be immersed in the story as the characters try to solve problems in their lives. That being said, I was waiting for that one big wow moment that would make me dizzy, but in the end something was not complete. And no, I’m not saying all stories need happy endings but sometimes, you just need to know more than you already do.

Nonetheless, Kehriyan goes beyond the length of the ‘necklines and hemlines’ of the costumes worn by the actors in the film, which is the depth of story, narrative and emotion that connects you. Check it out as Deepika has once again surpassed herself.

Director: Shakun Bhadra
actors: Deepika Padukone, Ananya Pandey, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Thairya Karva

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