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Gehraiyan, the next film of filmmaker Shakun Bhadra, is almost ready for release. The director described his film as a ‘mirror for modern adult relationships’. But since the trailer was first dropped in December, one of the biggest talking points around the film has been the close-up shots between leading actors Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi.

The focus on intimacy in the film increased as Shakun appointed a close director. But the filmmaker feels that all the talk surrounding the intimacy in the film puts too much emphasis on it. “I think there are more conversations about intimacy than the story deserves,” he tells us.

Despite being cohesive, Shakun says intimacy is only a small part of the film’s story. “Intimacy is a very small part of this big story and I know people will feel that way when they see it. Yes, I wanted to give it the same respect as any other field. I wanted the actors to feel safe and secure,” he says.

The reason why he is engaged to Dhar hand – the director of the intimacy of the film – is considered by many to be very subtle and without the courage to do so. He says, “I did not want to create a crisis director with courage. I tried to make the experience respectable. That’s why, for me, dialogue is not about glorifying it. If anything, I try to create it. Subtle, less provocative and less slander. I do not play for shock value.”

The film deals with Kehriyan betrayal. Shakun agrees that dealing with the characters is challenging when dealing with such a complex subject, but cannot evaluate them. He says, “For me, when I take on a character or a thing – betrayal in this matter – I make sure I’re not trying to take the page, but I’m sure the audience will come with the same enthusiasm. I had. Let them respond to what I said. That’s the effort.”

Brave Karwa and Deepika Padukone in one of Kehroyan's stills.
Brave Karwa and Deepika Padukone in one of Kehroyan’s stills.

Apart from Deepika and Siddhant, the film also stars Ananya Pandey and Tairiya Karwa. For courage, being part of a group in consciousness is a collective effort. The actor says he never felt the need to compete or shine with his fellow actors. He tells us, “What I understand is that you are as good as the story and you have to understand your role in it. You can not compete for space or try to exaggerate your fellow actor. When you do your part diligently, people will see it, the audience is smart, do what you want, honestly.” do it.”

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Gehraiyaan will be released on Amazon Prime Video on February 11, 2022. The film was originally scheduled to release on January 25, but the date was postponed to January 5. The film is supported by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and Viacom18 Studios.

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