Keerthi Gulhari retires from web series: They are complete and very tired | Internet series

The actor talks about focusing on the films as it helps to explore the two-hour storytelling format and give more time to engage in other projects.

Over the past few years actor Keerthi Gulhari has starred in web series including Four More Shots Please !, Part of Blood, Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors and the recently released Human. But now he wants to retire from the web series and focus on films.

He tells us, “Web series are exhausting and very tiring. Taking a web series is like making three-four pictures. They take a lot from me as an actor.

He adds that he would not want to invest his time in anything unless a show came up to improve his game: “I am completely immersed in my work. For me, going to the set is never a party where I get cold. Sometimes, it even takes six months to complete a series, and as a result I can not give time to other things. Pichley To-Teen Soul May Maine Coffee Web Series Gar Lea.

Gulhari’s passion for movies also develops because he wants to explore the two – hour storytelling format. “I want to go back to the idea of ​​what we can achieve in two hours. The web has its own benefits, I enjoyed it, but I enjoy telling a story in two hours. I want to finish projects in 30-35 days and move on to another project,” he said. Shares.

Speaking of the man, his on-screen kiss with fellow actor Shebali Shaw led to several conversations. Talking about how he works to normalize the representation of homosexuality on screen, the actor on The Girl on the Train (2021) says, “I don’t know when this will become normal for us. I knew it would be talked about, but it didn’t bother me for a second. The happy thing for me is that this has become normal for me.

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