Karan Taker: I do not have the freedom to make wrong decisions on the outside Internet series

Actor Karan Taker says why not take the risk by considering yourself as an ‘outsider’ as an actor.

Actor Karan Taker has had an interesting career path so far. After becoming the chocolate boy on TV, he decided to focus on the web. Special Ops was his first OTT release and it received rave reviews. But, the actor did not take many web projects.

Ask him the reason for controlling the number of his OTT trips (he is currently doing only one series), and Taker says it is important to choose his plans wisely. “I want to work [on shows] One after the other. But I take more time between two projects because I don’t have the freedom to make the bad choice. [And if I do], I think I will not get a chance to fix it.

The 35-year-old says he is extra careful because he does not come from a film background. “The film fraternity or the film family can repeat failed projects and get one more chance. But for someone like me I would not do that. So, I have to be careful, ”he says.

According to Taker, the “worst part” is that “outsiders” have to figure it all out for themselves. “None of us have the backing for advice. We’ve been sidelined by the film industry anyway for being in a certain way or coming from a television background. That’s why, even if you want to make the right decision, you never know what the right decision will be,” says the actor.

Reiterating why he is extra careful when choosing a job, he continues, “You can’t check with anyone whether a plan is good or not. But there are others (from film families) who are better at advising them. In addition, they are allowed to make many mistakes. That’s the difference. “

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