Karan Kundra hides his face and fears controversy as his mother reveals that Tejaswi Prakash is the first girlfriend he has allowed.

Karan Kundra’s relationship with Tejaswi Prakash has received a stamp of approval from his mother, revealing that he is his first girlfriend he wants. Karan’s mother also praised Tejaswi and said, ‘Very good girl’.

Tejaswi and Karan, affectionately known as Tejran by the fans, fell in love with Bigg Boss 15 and started dating on the show. When he won the trophy, he became the second runner-up.

During Karan’s interview with Siddharth Kannan, his mother appeared and praised Tejaswi. “We like it. It’s time to find someone who is stable and strong, who can control him,” he teased, glancing at his son, “Basically, Joe Mere Baba Ke Saat Hua Hai, Yeh Sahti Hai Mere Saat Pi Ho (n. Whatever happens to Dad, she wants the same for me.)

Karan’s mother said that she was happy with the relationship and that Tejaswi was ‘the most beautiful woman, the sweetest’. When asked if she accepted all of his ex-girlfriends, he said, “No, no, no, no one. This is the first. ” Karan hid her face and was afraid that her comment would cause ‘controversy’. And then lovingly chased her.

Earlier in Bigg Boss 15, when Karan introduced Tejaswi to his parents, his father cheered the other contestants on, “He is now at the heart of the family.” His parents approved of him on the show.

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Karan told the Hindustan Times that he had been inspired by ‘something’ about Tejaswi from the first day of Bigg Boss 15, but he ‘really fought against the sentiment’. “I said, ‘I’m not here for this, I’m here for the show. Karan, this is a show where emotions are high, maybe you feel it.’ I’m been struggling with emotion for a month, and the producers don’t even know it.

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