Kapil Sharma says Harbhajan Singh criticized himself after a failed show in front of Neeta Ambani, revealing how he got revenge | Internet series

Actor and comedian Kapil Sharma’s first Netflix stand-up special was released on Friday. Kapil Sharma: I’m not finished yet, Special describes his journey from Amritsar to Mumbai and all the challenges he faced through it.

During one part of the show, Kapil spoke about how he was once called up to perform for the IPL team Mumbai Indians and how badly it bombed. Kapil said his friend and cricketer Harbhajan Singh once took him to perform only for his teammates and team owner Neeta Ambani. However, things were not going as smoothly as they should have.

Kapil was already talking about winning the Laughter Challenge and the big names started calling him to act for them. Will Harbhajan Singh call me once and play for the Mumbai Indians? I was very surprised and said aha, ”Kapil said of the incident. Upon reaching the venue, he realized that there were only 15 people in the audience, including Sachin Tendulkar, Sanath Jayasuriya, Nita Ambani and many others.

“And all my jokes are about the poor how to enjoy puri and corn in Amritsar. Neeta Ambani looked at me and said, ‘What country is he from? What is poor (poor)?’ I told them my dad was a cop, and she had to think, ‘Being a cop should be a hobby, he definitely had a career.’ None of his jokes landed on the rich in the audience, ”Kapil said.

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Kapil said that Harbhajan was also nervous as he was invited to the show on his recommendation. At the dinner after the show, when Harbhajan told Harbhajan, Kapil met the crew and said, “Baji I have seen you look good on TV, but right during the live show?” These words hurt Kapil so much that he got a raise from the event.

But Karma soon got the pajji. A few days later, Kapil said that Harbhajan was watching the Mumbai Indians match, giving up 3-4 sixes in an over. “Us Thin Main Toda Relax Hua. Maine Text Kia Bajji Co. ‘Baji kabi kabi net be jo aadmi kelda hai, haina? TV pe nai hota (I rested a bit after that day. I texted Bajji, ‘Brother, sometimes we play better during net training than we do on TV)’. “

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