Kapil Sharma recalls meeting Manmohan Singh, realizing he was ‘not allowed’ to eat Rewari: ‘But what a man’ | Internet series

Kapil Sharma’s new Netflix special I’m Not Done yet is still being streamed on the OTT site. In the one-hour stand-up special, the actor-comedian talks about his humble beginnings, battling mental health issues and even running with other celebrities.

The first meeting he had with former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was an event where he met a remarkable personality whom he remembered in the process. The two are from Amritsar – the two first met in 2019. The comedian revealed that he and the former Prime Minister are alumni of the same college. Both studied at the Hindu College in Amritsar.

During the show, Kapil described his first encounter with the queen and his discovery that a powerful man like himself had to be bound by certain restrictions.

Kapil talks about his fun meeting with Dr. Manmohan Singh on his Netflix special.
Kapil talks about his fun meeting with Dr. Manmohan Singh on his Netflix special.

Kapil recalled, “I once had the good fortune to meet Manmohan Singh Ji. He was an intelligent politician from my hometown of Amritsar. Doctor Sahab (Manmohan Singh) held a fist and his wife stopped his hand and I started thinking, ‘Dr. Sahab, no! You are not allowed’, ‘This man has been running the country for ten years. Kane do unko (if we consider one rivere per year, let’s eat at least ten rivere). “

Kapil showed pictures of his meeting with the former Prime Minister, in which two O, Manmohan Singh seemed a bit lazy for a picture. Kapil joked, “It’s been since his reiss was snatched from him. Even now, you can see there’s a reverb in every one of his fists.”

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When the audience laughed and applauded, Kapil turned serious and showered a few words praising the former Prime Minister. “But what a man. Big applause to Dr. Sahab,” he said.

Kapil’s Netflix Special has received positive reviews from critics and love from fans. Many have praised him for opening the comic on such a large stage about his struggles with mental health issues and alcoholism.

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