Kapil Sharma recalls how ‘Gauri Bobby’ behaved when he crashed Shah Rukh Khan’s house party in ‘Nicker’ | Internet series

Actor and comedian Kapil Sharma in his new Netflix standup special Kapil Sharma: I’m not done yet. A story he shared with actor Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil who went to him at 3am.

Kapil said that as his show became more and more popular with success, it also gave misconceptions about the power of his name. Recalling his cousin’s visit once, he wanted to visit Shah Rukh Khan’s famous mansion in Mannath, Mumbai.

Kapil said he was drunk at the request of a relative. “We went there, a party took place.” The doors were open and I decided to ‘misuse’ my reputation. I told my driver to take the car inside and realized we were not doing it right. I thought we should leave. But then, some of Shah Rukh Khan’s special managers came out and invited us inside. It was 3 o’clock then, ”he said.

“Kapte P Kya Maine Knicker Behni Hui Hai (I wear a pair of knickers). With a pair of sketchers, chew a pot, and high. Darwaza Kola and Gauri Bobby and Ungi 3-4 Sahelia Baiti Hui Hain (Gauri and some of her friends were sitting there). She thought Shahrukh should have called me. I said ‘hello’ and she said, ‘Shahrukh is inside. please.’ I went inside, even at Shah Rukh Khan’s house he danced like always. I was stunned. I went to him and said, ‘Sorry boy. My cousin is here and she wanted to visit Shah Rukh Khan’s house. I came in because it was open. ‘ To which Shahrukh replied, ‘Would you come in if my bedroom door was also open?’

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Kapil laughed at the thought. He said that Shah Rukh was not upset and instead danced with him for hours and Kapil was the last person to leave the party. “He came down to see me and his entire staff took the pictures he clicked with me,” Kapil said.

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