Kapil Sharma I have not finished the web series yet

Kapil Sharma Netflix Special Idea Will Never Be Attractive. It was fascinating when it was announced, and it remains so even after seeing it. As a comedian who is not involved in the Kapil Sharma show, like many others, I was really curious to see what Kapil Sharma’s stand-up special would look like.

There is only so much delight in that idea – to see what the artist will provide if you remove the (retro) glossy interiors and carefully controlled packaging around him. Separating the comedian from the ‘Variety Show’ machinery and taking him to comedy in its purest form – a microphone, a stage and an audience. The event on the Netflix comedy special shows what can be done in comics like Ellen DeGeneres and Seth Meyers and Adam Chandler and Jude Abbott.

Kapil’s Special, titled I’m Not Finished, opens on a dazzling stage in a fancy theater. Its size and luxury seem to make him scream that this night is a big deal. The seat that struck me first. Considered ideal for a communal comedy experience instead of a theatrical style seat, Kapil’s audience sits around round tables, the type you see at a wedding reception or corporate event. It, with the energy of the audience packed with his friends and family, makes it feel like they have all come here to see what Kapil is doing, rather than celebrating Kapil’s big night. A kind of lifetime-achievement-award-style tribute to him – this is something I have not done yet. (The whole special feature is applause and shouting rather than laughter, which says it all).

Like the comedy specials, I’m not done yet, not particularly fun. Nevertheless, it is an intriguing and uniquely effective watch. Despite the lack of laughter, the objectively captivating artist is a satisfying storyteller who describes his journey so far and the turbulent last few years of his career. Instead they may have gone with Kapil Sharma: The Journey So Far.

Following his first punch line, the live band’s Comedy Nights-Stay ‘Ba-Dum-Ts’ trumpeted on stage saying “this is not for TV” and said don’t do this show. Kapil’s small, but significant moment, when he admitted that he was in another playhouse. The Special begins by explaining why he first agreed to the Netflix Special and why it deserves the title I have not yet finished – mentioning his ambition to continue to hit the next level in his career. We get another fun little Netflix bit that compares its logo and ‘tutum’ sound to what he grew up with – Doordarshan says the logo was dull enough to even warm up. But Kapil did not stop. We also get an array of confusing bits referring to many Netflix shows like Money Heist and Narcos, and we feel like he was explained or needed to insert the existing platform. Anyway, this is weird.

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The previous parts I have not yet finished, in which he makes general observations as to how India’s growing population makes an equivalent to an Australian each year, then sends them to Canada – fun but still rehearsed. As if he had never performed this song in front of so many spectators before. But as the show progresses and he gets more and more about his life, travel and career, he seems to be more comfortable. While the laughter may not come so fast, the perspective and honesty will definitely come. (Ideally, you will like both, but oh).

For me, the strongest part of the special was the beginning when he discusses his struggles with depression and alcoholism, and more specifically the various Twitter spit that led to it. But it says he did not tweet, but Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker. This includes his (apparently) drunken tweets against our esteemed Prime Minister. (The most telling is that he dug again and again against the Prime Minister by special means. I leave it up to you to find them yourself). Even in the most secure things, we learn a lot about him and the version of his events.

The rest of his story is not just for humor, there are laughs as you might believe, but they are still full of perspective. When he first went to Mumbai and talked about trying to make it into an actor. Whether it’s traveling for the first time in an elevator, or being afraid to swim in a pool used by women. Until winning the Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Kate crashing the party at Shah Rukh Khan’s house.

He continues to mention his family sitting in the audience. At one point he converses with his wife and asks her why she agreed to marry him, to which she retaliates with pre-made punchlines. (Of course I saw a comedy special for the first time, where a comic talks directly to his wife. Tell me what you like about him, but Kapil has clearly broken new ground).

It all ends in a truly bizarre finale, where he pays homage to his late father – a truly weird mix of heartfelt and weird sounding nursery rhymes. But hey, this is his show to do as he pleases. He could have ended up with a teaspoon balance on his nose, yet his fans would have folded it.

I’m not done yet is an attempt to bring Kapil Sharma’s audience to Netflix, but rather allow him to be seen in a different way. But, in the end, you can’t help but want to root for him and appreciate his journey – I think that’s what he and his co-writer Ankalp Goswami are going for. Rather than laugh, they wanted us to go “Good on you Kapil! More power to you. Good on you “.

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