Kapil Sharma explains about Akshay Kumar’s foot touching film: ‘This is what I earned’ | Internet series

When Kapil Sharma comes to promote his films, Kapil Sharma often meets Akshay Kumar on the show and hosts. Kapil has now narrated the real story behind one of his Instagram photos with Akshay, in which the latter was seen touching his feet.

Kapil shared the picture on Instagram titled “Suprasit Movie Abhinaya Sri Akshay Kumar G Apni Movie # Belpottam Ke Liye Ashirwad Lede Hue (Famous Actor Akshay Kumar Receives My Blessings For His Bel Bottom Movie)”.

In an interview with comedian Anupam Singh Bassi ahead of the release of his Netflix show, Kapil Sharma: I have not finished yet, Kapil was asked to share the story behind the film with Akshay. He said, “Bus yahi kamaya hai (this is it. This is what I earned).”

Kapil said that he touched Akshay’s feet when he came to promote his Bell Bottom movie. But Akshay pointed out that Kapil only touches the knees instead of the feet and showed how he does it. “He basically showed me how to touch my feet. At that point I told the photographer to click,” Kapil said.

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Kapil was also shown a picture of his exercise. Speaking of which, Kapil revealed that he brought his weight to 72kg while working on his homemade franchise. “I have become Akshay Kumar. I get up at 4:30 in the morning and work outside in the open. I will have breakfast and reach the set by 7 p.m. He said the film failed and returned to 92kg again.

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