Kanye West mentions that former Julia Fox asked Kim Kardashian to make public their relationship in the midst of her divorce.

Actress Julia Fox has responded to a media outlet’s ‘desire for attention’ from her ex-boyfriend rapper Kanye West. Julia and Kanye recently split up.

In a post about Julia, an Instagram user wrote, “@juliafox You talked about the man in the press like he’s married. Must attract attention. Not even 15 minutes, maybe 2 minutes like fame.” She replied, “He loved me !!!!!” In another comment, he wrote, “I did not stop liking Kim’s posts for the record.”

In an interview with The Cut, Julia said, “When I’m with you,” but later added, “But even when I’m with my son, it’s very hard. I feel like you’re going. It’s a lot of last minute decisions or decisions to go somewhere at the last minute and implement when needed.

Recently, the actor’s representative confirmed to People magazine about their split. The statement added, “Julia and Kanye are good friends and collaborators but they are no longer together.”

Julia Fox recently broke up with Kanye, following which she also shared a post on Instagram. However, she later removed it. He said in his post that the two were in a ‘good relationship’ but did not ‘love’ him. In his now-deleted Instagram post, he said, “I wish you were so sorry!”

He added, “The media wants to paint a picture of a sad lonely woman crying alone on a plane, but that’s not true !! # 1 Why not look at me bustling. Yes but I do not love Jesus Christ, what do you think I’m 12 years old for ?! “

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“Also, in 2022 I cried on my dead BFF birthday February 6th. Anyway if you want full tea you have to buy it as soon as the book comes out,” he added.

Kanye’s relationship with Julia ended recently after a month. He is currently in a bitter divorce with his wife Kim Kardashian.

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