Kanika Kapoor says people told her she didn’t like O Bolega’s ‘tough’ lines: I was like ‘OK’

Allu Arjun and Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s dance song ‘Pushpa: The Rise, O Andawa Woo Woo Andawa’ has been very popular among the fans. However, some were not impressed by the song’s rude lyrics.

Kanika Kapoor, who sang the Hindi version of the song, said that she had received messages from people and had rejected the song. She did not care much for their reaction.

“It’s okay, but I do not like it ‘, one or two people texted me and it was like’ OK ‘. And I understand that the lyrics are a little harsh. In general, there are always songs on women’s lips, breasts, eyes, hips and everything.” Kanika said in an interview with India Today.

He added, “Why can’t we make a song like this about a man? Congratulations to the crew who created a beautiful number based on men. I think this is something that fits the film and its image. That’s why the producers added this song to this film.

In the song, Samantha plays a dancer who teases and dances with Allu Arjun. It is mentioned how women in skirts and sarees, slim and fat, tall and short women and men can not be trusted.

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Pushpa’s composer Devi Sri Prasad told the Hindustan Times about the controversy: “We are not insulting anyone through O Andava. We describe some human beings simply. Defining a woman’s body and beauty has never been a problem for so many years. Some of the greatest composers have ever composed songs like this. He said that they have received a lot of praise from women and that it is “a social news song rather than an item number”.

“I am very careful with all my dance songs. In fact, most of them are sung by children. For example, Thinga Sika (ready; 2011). I always tell my directors and songwriters that there should be nothing substandard in words. But sometimes, hidden grammar is inevitable, ”he added.

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