Kangana Ranaut gives’ reality check ‘to’ Pattamis’ lock-up contestants: ‘Yahan Mar-Mar Ke Aaye Ho. Stop your attitude ‘| Internet series

Kangana Ranaut, the host of the captive reality show Lock Up, called the contestants rude when they gave them a reality check. Kangana Ranaut’s comments come after actor Chetan Hansraj was expelled from the show by the producers for misbehaving with jailer Karan Kundra. During the Judgment Day episodes that take place over the weekend, Kangana evaluates the performance of the contestants that week and tells them not to let the success of the show go to their head. Read also | Lock up: Chetan Hansraj expelled within five days for misbehaving with jailor; Audiences, ‘Do not confuse with Karan Kundra’

The promo for the Lock Up Judgment Day episode was shared on Alt Balaji’s Instagram account on Saturday. In the video, Kangana told contestants, “India ke sabse controversial, picte hue, high maintenance, Badamis celebrities kyun kehti han? Careful and rude celebrities? First of all you all need a real test). “

Kangana Ranaut said, “We may call this a ‘rape’ (repression) prison, but this is a show and you and I and the whole world know that you are all artists like me. My work may be something else. But I have a contract and I get paid accordingly.” And, “Jaycee Ki of Logo Go Her Ek Ko Ungi Pre-Monkey Kimat The Guy Hai (You all got the price you asked for) So this attitude of yours, as you all help, change it.”

“Aap lok apne mercy se yaha ba hain, aur mar mar ke, doop-doop ke aye ho (you came here at your will, and that too eagerly). I have already said that I will not tolerate my rudeness. Jailer or my guards, but you You crossed all borders last night. “

Kangana told contestants not to borrow too much for the success of the show, which recently garnered over 100 million views as one of the most watched reality shows on OTT. “Please remember, there are 35 more waiting outside (to enter the show), and any contestants who left the show, do you think anything has changed here since they left?”

Viewers of the show supported Kangana’s reaction in the comment section, with one calling it “much needed”. Another wrote, “Aha wonderful.” An Instagram user commented that every contestant on the show, except comedian Munawar Farooqi, was misbehaving.

Lock-up streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player are seven days and Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes are streaming on weekends at 10.30pm. So far five contestants have been eliminated.

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