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In the latest episode of Lock Up, you can see Kangana Ranaut scolding Payal Rohatki. Kangana Ranaut, who is also the host of a reality TV show, evaluates the performance of the contestants in the weekend episodes called Judgment Day. Kangana Ranaut, who was engaged in a word war with Payal in the premiere episode, once again saw the actor as a slander in the upcoming episode. Read also | Kangana Ranaut responded when Payal Rohatki told her that she was using Alia Bhatt’s name for attention in a hot fight in Lock Up.

The new promo for the episode, which airs Saturday night, has been shared on Alt Balaji’s Instagram handle. The promo began with Kangana questioning the leadership skills of Payal Rohatki, who has faced criticism from fellow contestants in previous episodes as well. Kangana told the actor, “Payal of Jo Aise Janta Leke Kumti Hain ‘My Leader Who, Surf Maine Hi Polangi’ (‘I am the leader, I will only speak’ in the way you carry the flag), that is exactly what a leader should not do.”

As Boyle began to explain to her what a leader was, Kangana interrupted her and said, “Tum apne thoughts mad padao (Do not tell me your thoughts), do you understand? You are not going to tell me the definition of a leader.”

Boyle said, “The main leader is Hu Apne Liye (I am a leader for my own benefit).” Responding to this, Kangana replied, “Isa b koi leader hota hai jo sirf apne liye leader hai (there can only be one leader who is a leader for themselves) what kind of nonsense is this”. Payal then told Kangana that he was free to choose another leader to replace him, to which the actor replied, “You are not going to tell me who to give up and who to keep. This is not your show.”

Viewers of the show expressed their support for Kangana in the comment section, which had the caption “Kangana on fire”. Another said, “Yeh payal bahot insultingly baat karti hai kangana se b (Payal speaks disrespectfully with kangana)”. Many agree with Kangana Ranaut’s comments on Boyle’s leadership skills.

Lock Up is a captivity-based reality show that airs seven days a week on Alt Balaji and the MX Player on Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes on weekends at 10.30pm.

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