Kajal Agarwal shares her baby shower photos with Gautam Kitsch, fans say ‘Badhai Ho’

Actress Kajal Agarwal, who is expecting her first child with her husband Gautam Kitslow, shared pictures of her baby shower ceremony on Instagram on Sunday night. His fans took him to the comment section to share their excitement.

Looking at the pictures, Kajal held a very intimate ceremony with a close family. Kajal shared photos of the ceremony on Instagram Stories. He also posted a picture on his profile. In the pictures, Kajal, wearing a red sari, is seen with her husband Gautam and her friends and family at the traditional god Barai (baby shower) ceremony.

The excitement could not be stopped by his fans. One fan wrote “Awww” with a red heart emoticon. Another fan commented, “Congratulations madam.” And many more have sent heart emojis and congratulations to the actor.

On New Year’s Day, Kajal shared her first look at her baby pump, followed by her husband Gautam sharing the news of her pregnancy through a post on her Instagram.

Two weeks ago, Kajal went on Instagram to share a long post about women during pregnancy. He also slammed trolls for insulting pregnant women. Kajal shares a long account of the pre- and post-pregnancy stages in women’s lives.

“I am making some amazing new improvements in my life, my body, my home and most importantly my workplace. Additionally, some comments / body shaming messages / memes may not really help. We will learn to love, and if it is very difficult, we can live, we can live, ”he wrote.

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She added: “It may take a while for us to get back to where we were before or we can never fully return to how we were before pregnancy. That’s right. “

Career, Kajal is waiting for the release of Telugu film Acharya and Tamil film Hay Sinamika.

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