Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin’s Samthing In The Rain set for Indian Remake, K-drama fans ‘That’s great news’ | Internet series

The Indian remake of the popular K-drama series Something in the Rain has been announced as Korean drama shows become popular in the country.

Something in the Rain premiered on the JTBC Network in March 2018 and ran a successful 16-episode. The play, streamed on Netflix with verses, tells the story of a professional woman who falls in love with her best friend’s younger brother after returning from working abroad for three years. The movie starring Jung Hai In and Sun Ye Jin is also known as Freddie Nuna Who Pies Me Food, where ‘Nuna’ is younger but used to refer to a woman.

Pocket Aces, which is known for its four-season series Little Things, has teamed up with JTBC Studios to create an Indian remake of the popular show. A statement from JTBC Studios on Monday said, “We have recently confirmed the production of Pocket Aces with Something in the Rain, an Indian remake by India’s largest digital entertainment company.”

Fans of the K-play expressed their excitement on social media. “OMG OMG OMG,” one Twitter user shouted, while another commented, “Woooohhhhh that’s great news … when I saw the beautiful Nuna, I thought it was like Indian family culture.”

Netflix had earlier revealed that the view for K-dramas in India has increased by more than 370 per cent in 2020 over 2019. A spokesman for the streaming company explained, “People are naturally culturally interested and interested in stories from around the world. And the truthfully told story will resonate with audiences around the world. This is evidenced by the growing interest in Korean stories and characters in India. With verses and dubs, the language barrier has been eased, and our members have found and enjoyed real K content. “

In the past Korean plays have been remade in India as well. Avanappan, a 2007 Bollywood film starring Shriya Charan, Imran Hashmi, Ashutosh Rana and Mrinalini Sharma, was inspired by the 2005 Korean film A Bittersweet Life.

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