Jonita Gandhi’s viral hit Arabic punch: My friends who did not even listen to Tamil songs reel it

Singer Jonita Gandhi says that her Arabic boxing song was heard while many celebrities were dancing on Instagram reels.

His latest song Arabic punch from the upcoming Beast movie, has gone completely viral. Jonita Gandhi says that celebrities have created reels for the song and the reactions have been overwhelming. “I did not expect it to cross boundaries, it’s so amazing. I’m excited when people hear what I say in one language and in another. Spread, ”she beats.

The 32-year-old says he realized that the Tamil song had become bigger when it reached 100 million views in two weeks. Gandhi continues, “It was amazing. The film has not been released yet, only the song has been released. I saw reels that people make. My friend from Mumbai, who does not normally listen to Tamil music, was doing it! Later Varun Dhawan made a film with Rashmika Mandana, after which many discovered it. My friends in the US, who do P-Funk, did one of the Arabic punches, and they usually do it in Punjabi songs.

How important are these scenes to Gandhi, as he mentions the 100 million mark when he realizes the song has gone viral?

“We create songs and publish it because we want it to reach people. But the number of views is always bent. So I try not to think about the numbers depending on the project. When people talk about the song, it reaches them. Word of mouth is definitely attached to it. I’m the only one I work on many projects at the time, I do some work, some do not work and I learned exactly that, ”the singer signs.

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