Jay Panushali: I can not fight to earn some screen time

Actor and presenter Jay Panushali has said that he has and wants to keep his actor’s legs always forward.

Actor and presenter Jay Panushali says he has and always wants to keep his actor’s legs forward.

“Acting will always be my first love, no doubt! Other genres will follow, but for a number of other reasons – like finding me financially stable or finding my true emotional side by accepting a role as a presenter or reality show participant.” Hate Story 2 And Desi Katte Actor.

Speaking about his latest reality show status and experience, Poushali says, “Things don’t always seem that way. Whatever it was, I was one hundred percent true self – let it be or take it. While inside Big Boss At home, I was clear that I would never start an argument or a fight, but if I was drawn into one, I would always be the one to end it my way. This is me! ”

And he says, “I can’t fight to earn some screen time. Finding an argument every morning can never be my way to start my day. Whatever I am … I am in the face. I hate revenge and slapping people behind their backs. You will never see me dealing with situations or people. Waha do oil siada yus ho ho raha uss pe b jakte ho rahe the … I was like aisbe mei kya polu muje do kana banana b nai atta … (laughs). Anyway, I’m still ready for shows like this because for me this is also a part of my job and work is the primary way to survive.

Currently, he enjoys hosting Multi-Tasker, a reality show for kids. “Children are pure in all things, and by the grace of God I have always had the right balance with them. DID L’il Masters Back in season 5, I could not say no because this show is what made me explore this anchor page of mine. Programs like this help me to understand children better and it binds my daughter Tara exceptionally well, ”she says. Ek Behli Leela Actor and winner Nach Polly Season 5.

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