Javed Ali on Viral Sensation Srivalli: Now there are more song opportunities available

The singer talks about being immersed in the success of the song; It is hoped that the audience will remember it for many years to come

Pushpa: The Rise (2021), starring actors Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandana, Srivalli’s love ballad, has sparked outrage on social media by Indian and international celebrities, with cricketers passionately recreating Arjun’s hook step on Instagram reels. Although the original Telugu track received millions of views, the dubbed Hindi rendition of singer Javed Ali’s Srivedi also broke records.

Speaking to us, Ali said, “I never thought Srivalli would be so angry. I get a lot of offers now.

Not only does he receive news from the US, UK and Kuwait, but he also shares his admiration for himself by experienced singers such as Richa Sharma and Sujatha: “It is a trend today to measure the success of a song by its views and its numbers. Reels made on it. But success is also what music experts call you. I’m glad to get both.

At a time when new tracks are being released every day, what does he think helped lift the momentum of the song a few months after its release? “I see such madness in a love song after so many years,” says Ali, “more item songs are being made, but we only listen to them to a certain point. Aur Timak Main.I hope people will remember it for many more years.

The 39-year-old singer says this is the first time she has “experimented so much in one song”. “Although I did not take the pressure to sing for him while recording, I added a little aggression in some stanzas because it was the signature. [to] Allu Arjun sir [his character in the film]. I have also changed my voice and integrated three different systems, ”he concludes.

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