Janvi Kapoor congratulates Shanaya Anshula Kapoor on her journey of transformation: ‘Om Honey. Forward and upwards’ | Bollywood

Anshula Kapoor has undergone weight loss transformation and her family, friends and fans are very impressed with her journey. Everyone from sister Janvi Kapoor to cousin Shanaya Kapoor and her coaches have praised her new look. He has now written a note to himself, in which he mentions how he began to “heal” against tears, fear, setbacks, discomfort and self-doubt. read more: Anshula Kapoor’s ‘Zabardast’ Weight Loss Change Impresses Her Fans, ‘Look At You’ says Katrina Kaif

“Note to yourself: Talk to you a little better today. For me today, being ‘healthy’ is more than how I look in the mirror. One of my first steps in becoming healthy is to admit that I’m not in the best place mentally, and before I start working on anything else, I need to notice myself being fed from the inside out. This was the most uncomfortable part. And the most difficult part. It took so much treatment. So many tears. So much uncertainty. Fear. Setbacks. Discomfort. Self-doubt. Then came self-realization. Thus began the healing.

He added, “It’s been a long journey of 2 years, and I’m still at work. I’m still learning to love myself completely, regardless of whether it’s physical or not, because life is too short to live thinking you’re unworthy or unlovable. I’m flawed, yet worthy.

Anshula’s sister Janvi Kapoor has responded to her post with several fire symbols saying “Om Honey”. She said in another comment, “Up and up !!!” His cousin Shanaya Kapoor and Aunty Maheeb Kapoor dropped many heart symbols in reaction to this post. Huma Qureshi called Anshula “sexy”.

Anshula’s fitness trainer Swabneel Hazare wrote in his post, “Ansula Kapoor loves you new. We are all an art in production. We have our positives and negatives, ups and downs, perfections and some shortcomings. There is nothing more than an inspiration. Continue to inspire and keep working hard. The journey is very important, interesting and teaches us a lot more than the goal. We look forward to it. You are new with priyankaitis in your case. “

Anshula replied, “Thank you @swapneelhazare Swapneel! You and Priyanka play a huge role in this. Thank you for pushing me without breaking (and looking forward to working on something fun rather than a way to punish myself). “

Priyanka replied, “Ansula, I have lost my words. I like every word you highlight here & all I can say is you are a real inspiration … a real fighter.

Anshula is the sister of actor Arjun Kapoor and daughter of filmmaker Bonnie Kapoor. He runs a social organization that helps fans meet their favorite celebrities.

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