Jaideep Ahlawat recalls when he and Kamal Haasan were almost arrested in the US: ‘Boy Goli Mat Mar Dena’ | Internet series

The OTT media was good for both Jaideep Ahlawat and Zeeshan Ayub. Both actors have been around for more than a decade, but only recently – due to the exploits they have made on various web series – have they been called ‘stars’. Now the two are teaming up for the Dark Comedy Thriller film Bloody Brothers. In an honest chat with the Hindustan Times, the two actors talk about the show, their fraternal chemistry and their characters – the times they saw themselves in a soup. (read more: HT NxT: Jaideep Ahlawat, Why Didn’t He Sign A Few Roles After Song Lock)

Bloody Brothers is the story of two brothers (played by Jaideep and Zeeshan) who get into trouble after accidentally killing someone in a car accident. Central to the story is how they try to protect their skin when dealing with police, suspicious relatives and local gangs. Actors have found themselves in uncomfortable and sometimes threatening situations for years. Zeeshan says that unlike their characters, it was never serious for them. “I think we both didn’t take ourselves too seriously. That’s why we don’t remember many things like this,” he shares.

However, Jaideep Ahlawat has a really scary story for his life. He recalled, “It happened when I was filming Viswaroopam with Kamal Haasan in Manhattan, New York. It was Christmas 2013, and the whole of America was very excited for the festival. Could not finish in one breath, so had to turn around.Now, every time we wanted to get back to the bridge we had to cross the toll booth.The third time we reached the toll booth, eight or ten police cars surrounded us. Do not shoot us.) We raised our hands and explained that we were shooting, and somehow, we got it. They warned us of that mess and then it turned into a hilarious memory. ” Jaideep adds that even in the midst of that traumatic experience, his mind was racing about his life. “Your mind is a different matter. I was thinking I would be a hit if arrested. Until then I had done nothing grand. But all of a sudden Jaideep Ahlawat was arrested with Kamal Haasan in the US.” Jaideep says with a smile.

The concept of two hero stories in recent days like the first war in the days of Jai-Veeru in Sholay is a well-established genre in Indian cinema. Now, it’s spreading to OTT with shows like Bloody Brothers. Jaideep acknowledged the importance of lead chemistry at an event like this, saying, “It’s a genre, and now it’s definitely on OTT. But it’s not about establishing that chemistry between us. It’s not any effort, at least not for me. That was a big factor, as soon as we found out we read the script and talked to each other, it was easy and fun. “

Zeeshan Ayub and Jaideep Ahlawat in a still of Bloody Brothers.
Zeeshan Ayub and Jaideep Ahlawat in a still of Bloody Brothers.

Zeeshan says that the biggest attraction of the show for him is the writing story. Commenting on this, he said, “When I first read the script, I had to finish all the twists and turns in one breath. Whenever I begin to believe that I can solve this mystery, something new that I did not think will appear. . “

The show boasts strong supporters led by Satish Kaushik, Maya Alak, Sruthi Seth, Dina Desai, Mukta Kotse and many more actors. Zeeshan says of working on the team, “I have no confidence in the competition, I can say this for both of us. It’s about collaboration. If the actors around you are great, that’s a great blessing. (read more: Zeeshan Job: There is a bigger debate than relationship, how actors lie in their roles.)

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; It was a huge attraction for Jaideep. Growing up in Haryana, he says, dark comedy was a way of life. “It’s a part of life there,” he says, “if you do not insult friends with some dark humor, it’s not fun.” But the actor is related to another aspect of his character, the protection he feels for his younger brother on screen. “All that ripping and fun is good until you do it. If someone else tries to harm your friend or brother, someone can do anything to protect them,” he shares.

The Guild is an adaptation of the Scottish series Bloody Brothers, directed by Shat Ali. Bloody Brothers, produced by Applause Entertainment in association with BBC Studios India, will begin streaming on ZEE5 from March 18.

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