Jada Pinkett Smith breaks silence with Instagram post after Will Smith and Chris Rock’s ‘Slapgate’ | Hollywood

Zada Bingett Smith speaks for the first time Sunday night after becoming the center of the biggest controversy at the 94th Academy Awards. Jada’s husband, Will Smith, slapped Chris Rock for making fun of him at his expense. Although celebrities around the world responded to the incident, Jada remained silent until his latest secret post. Read also | Oscar bartender reveals what happened after Will Smith and Chris Rock ‘slapped’ in viral tweet

On Tuesday the actor shared a post on his Instagram handle talking about healing. “It’s a season of healing, and I’m here for it,” he shared a picture. Jada has previously shared pictures and videos of her appearance from the Oscars, where her husband won the Best Actor award, but he did not comment on the infamous slap. His latest post is believed to be indirect news about the incident.

It all started when Chris Rock teased Jada’s shaved head. “Zada, can’t wait for GI Jane 2,” comedian Demi Moore said of the 1997 film GI Jane, in which Demi’s character Jordan O’Neill shaves his head after joining the Navy SEAL, disguises his femininity and becomes GI. Jane. Zada, meanwhile, revealed in his talk show a few years ago that he decided to shave his head after being diagnosed with alopecia areata.

Will was initially seen smiling at the comedy, but her face quickly turned sour, and Will stood up and went on stage to slap Chris. It later emerged that there was a lot more to the story as Chris had previously joked about Jada at the Oscars. The comedian, who hosted the 2016 Oscars, frustrated Jada’s attempts to boycott the awards ceremony. She released a video of herself boycotting the 2016 Oscars because ‘no one of color is nominated’ in any of the major acting categories, including her husband Will.

Meanwhile, Chris apologizes to Will for his action. According to reports, Chris has refused to file a police complaint against Will for hitting him on stage.

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