It was hard, but I feel blessed: Santosh Shukla | Bollywood

The epidemic phase is very difficult for everyone, including the entertainment industry. However, actor Santosh Shukla still feels blessed.

“To keep rolling at this point, it fills me with gratitude when so many actors pack their bags and leave Mumbai,” he says.

“I am a Mahadev devotee (Shiva devotee) and it is truly a divine blessing to get new opportunities at a time when people everywhere are struggling,” he says. Jai Ho And தபாங் 3 Actor.

Currently in his hometown of Lucknow, he admits that OTT employs many actors but not everyone is lucky.

“The web has opened up avenues for actors, but the truth is, now we have new actors and stars from the film industry who are also working in the media. So, it looks sexy, but not everyone gets the job,” he says.

As new avenues opened up, he adapted himself to the opportunities that came his way.

“My film was released in theaters last month Pier Main Doda Twist It was filmed in Lucknow in the pre-epidemic phase. Then we did a shoot for a short film Gulabi Rev. Here it will air soon. I will be here later this month for the shooting of another amazing short film. After all, I have to, too Bachchan Pandey It will definitely add another feather to my cap, ”says Shukla.

Despite reports that he played a cop in the film, he did not reveal much.

“I am not allowed to talk about my character, but I can say for sure that people will see me in a very different light. I am also starring in a song with Akshay (Kumar) who choreographed Ganesh Acharya. Going forward, I hope the map goes up, ”he says.

He is about to host a reality show Super villain Even.

“This is for a processor where I am a brand ambassador. I have done three city tours with them. The reality show will be big, where the winners will have the opportunity to shoot for a project created for the Internet. So, a lot is going on … I can not complain! “He adds.

I have finished working on TV serials Big Boss Also, he is not in the mood to do TV now. “I feel Kathron K. Khiladi A show I could be a part of. Other than that, I’m not eager to do TV right now … definitely not daily soap! ”He says.

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