It is worrying to see people taking the infection lightly: Rashmi Rajput | Internet series

During the filming of the second season of his OTT series in Lucknow last year, actor Rashmi Rajput was one of the few who was not infected with the Kovit-19 virus.

The actor recalled, “I filmed the first season பௌகால் The same group and location in the pre-epidemic phase. But, last year, I didn’t see what was coming in the second wave. At first our assistant director fell ill and gradually the team began to decline. Soon, there was a lot of pressure on the team, and things were scary.

Rajput has recovered from the virus and she thinks that is the reason why she is safe. “I was shocked to hear that Bikramjeet Sir (Kanwarpal) had passed away. I remember discussing with him about vaccines and infection, but he fell prey to Govt, and it was a big shock. Also, he was very fit and active, which was a big shock to all of us. Mohit (Raina) and others fell ill, ”he says.

Seeing all of them pass by, she is upset when people take the infection lightly. “Honestly, I see that people in general are not so afraid of victims or those who have lost their loved ones and loved ones. I’m very upset to see people take the infection lightly. I think we need not fear, but precaution is very important. The courage to show is amazing to me, but it is very dangerous for children and adults alike.

The actor says that he lost some plans due to the epidemic and the next one he is filming is happening two years later. “After the Marathi film ஆசுத் (2019) and in the Hindi series, I will be starring in my first Telugu film. Great thing I was able to grow as an actor, and language was not a barrier. Good content is produced everywhere. Actors or anyone has the scope to grow, in that case. I do not know South Indian languages, but now that my kitty has a picture I am learning it because you do not know what clicks are.

Rajput, who went from being a national level basketball player to an actor, recalled, “When I was planning to get a job in the customs department, my friend suggested me to try a beauty contest. I went on to win the title of Miss India Tourism and won two titles at the international pageant in Malaysia. Upon returning, I started doing commercials, gradually, got the Marathi film, and then got this character of Pooja Sikera in the OTT series.

She weighs 10 kg and plays the mother. “Initially, I was skeptical of acting as a housewife, but I saw the challenges faced by the wife of an IPS officer and enjoyed doing it. During the whole epidemic, I learned to care for people up to Pajiwali, Machiwali, working women and even housewives. In fact, there is a lot to learn, ”says the actor.

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