It is a privilege to be at work at times like this: Archana Singh Rajput | Internet series

Talented software engineer, driven by acting passion, Yupit Archana Singh Rajput has come a long way. He started with Daily Soap following Telugu films and Punjabi songs and made his debut on OTT with this year’s scheduled series.

“Coming from a conservative Rajput background, it was not easy for me. But, with the blessings of my family and hard work, I have set foot in this field. During the Govt times, when people were struggling for work, I finished my web series, signed on for another Telugu film and signed some music videos in my kitty. The map of my career is rising steadily and I am grateful for that. It is a blessing to be at work at such a juncture, ”says The மரோபிரஸ்தானம் Actor.

A native of Gorakhpur, he grew up in Assam, where his father was employed. “After her father retired, we moved back to his native place where I studied my software engineering. After P-Tech, I joined a leading software company, but because I was more interested in creativity I quit my job four years ago and joined the theater. I have been working in the industry.

Acting was always on her mind but she took the course to convince her parents. “I was always interested in plays and also learned classical dance, but according to my family situation I first graduated and went to work. A few years later, I expressed my desire to understand them, so it all started and now they are very happy.

Living in Assam helped her get her first job. “I played a Bengali character on a three-month-long track in Daily Soap Bahu Humari Rajinikanth (2017) This is my first show. I soon realized the importance of drama and the need to work on my language and dictionary. So I did a lot of plays, commercials, music videos, two films. Unfortunately, the pictures have not been released to date. Finally, my first Telugu film starring me was released in September and ran well in theaters.

The handsome actor also finished a regional web film Naked lust. “I have just finished shooting for my OTT debut Rangpass required In Bhopal. Besides, I have been contracted to act as a lawyer in a Telugu film, ”he says.

Rajput now wants to shoot in Uttar Pradesh. “I have shot in Haryana, Gurgaon, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and the south, but unfortunately I have not shot in UP yet. Some projects are under negotiation, but we hope they will be fulfilled and I will have the opportunity to come to my home state for filming.

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