Ishwak Singh: We all want to be movie stars but do we all really deserve it? | Internet series

Ishwak Singh’s acting career in Bollywood has mostly featured small roles in big films Ranjana (2013), Tamasha (2015), Veere The Marriage (2018) Among others. However, the actor says that it does not matter how he started his Hindi film career because the star is not really the one he chased.

Starting his acting journey in the theater, Singh said, “We all want to be movie stars, but do we really deserve it? I often ask myself this question. Her actor Ko Bada Hota Hai. I wanted it too, and I asked myself if I really deserved it. Then I started my journey in an amphitheater in Delhi and decided to approach it in the old fashioned way.

The actor says he was never in a hurry. “When I was acting in theaters, I thought it was worth it. When I got the role for 30 seconds, I thought it was worth it. It takes time. You have to be confident, things will eventually happen. Apart from fame and glamor, every actor has to act in a role that he can really enjoy. Wants, ”he explains.

There was a twist in his career when he did the web series Song LockTo be continued Uninterrupted Now Rocket Boys. “I took a definite path to it. The OTT was a turning point. I was at work and then things would get better. It does not mean that those who preceded the OTTs could not do it. They do not have OTT, but they have faith, confidence and passion for their craft, ”he says.

Singh received a lot of praise for his role as Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Rocket Boys And because he has discovered a lot about himself as an actor, he says developing a character is a great process.

“I wanted to start this journey and find the adventure within me. Got the chance to audition for this, luckily got it. Every day since then has been unforgettable. It’s not just one person’s effort, it’s a great teamwork. We each brought their own A-game on every schedule, and we had the same enthusiasm every day, even when working in difficult situations like this, ”he concludes.

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