Ishwak Singh thinks stars are not going anywhere despite OTT platforms being popular | Internet series

As OTT offers new talents and opportunities for new faces, there have been conversations about whether the definition of a star is changing.

Actor Ishwak Singh shares his perspective that Bollywood stars are going nowhere despite the change in the entertainment landscape as OTTs are emerging as an equally important medium for cinemas.

“I think stars that are stars will change if they are no longer stars (star definition). But they still are, and they are my star too. It doesn’t change anything. It’s always going on. Even if some of their pictures don’t work, they will still be stars,” he tells us. .

Elaborating further on the impact of epidemics and OTTs, ”says Singh,“ The digital platform has now become important and prominent as a medium for new entertainment. The thing is, there is a lot of conversation going on right now about where we are going in the entertainment business where all of these media work together. It can only get better from here.

Although he started his acting career with such films, Singh went on to OTTs Ranjana (2013), Tamasha (2015), Veere The Marriage (2018) Among others.

“I have never seen it in any other medium. The important thing is that I take that Bible, called the script, and open the first page I read to the last. If it’s involved, I take it. It does not matter if it’s a play, a play, or a web project,” he says.

The actor who starred in web series like Song Lock, not paused And the latest Rocket Boys The site is very liberating.

“I can not deny the benefits of OTT, it’s life changing. Creatively doing a series as an actor is like doing almost three films. There is so much more for you to explore creatively. There is still a lot of work, detail and effort. The media, ”he concludes.

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