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Science fiction (science fiction) genre is now one of the most popular genres in the entertainment landscape. And with the reception of fans in India for this genre, mostly thanks to the big budget action actors in Hollywood, the producers have realized the potential of science fiction and are now creating content locally on OTT. Many recent projects, especially massive successes Lightning MuraliThe Malayalam language superhero film starring Tovino Thomas, directed by Basil Joseph, is proof that this type should be on the digital platform.

Lightning Murali This is an example of how great stories are universal and today filmmakers from every part of our country have had an unprecedented opportunity to share their stories, ”said a Netflix spokesman who streams the film, which follows the life of Jason (Thomas). The young tailor gains superpowers after being struck by lightning and becomes a superhero.

2020 Aarti Kadav directed film, cargoStarring Vikrant Massey and Swetha Tripathi, the spacecraft Pushpak 634A was set up where scientist Prahastha, with the help of a female astronaut, works for posthumous transformation services, where the dead are recycled for rebirth.

“Streaming has brought a lot of innovation and experimentation to storytelling, where creators have the ability to tell their favorite story, in the way they want, knowing that each story can find its audience, without limitations in form or duration. It’s really about reviving the story in the most realistic way possible and the audience wants this credibility. At Netflix we have a wide variety of stories, and science fiction fans have discovered and are interested in stories in different languages. Lightning Murali In Malayalam, the goods are in Hindi, ”the spokesperson added.

These domestic science fiction projects were labeled around the world. Lightning Murali According to data shared by OTT, it ranks in the top 10 in 30 countries on the streaming site, including Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

The series, starring Abhay Deol, is one of OTT’s latest projects JL50, பன்வார் And OK computer, It stars actor Vijay Verma and Radhika Apte.

“The idea of ​​being a part of the science fiction series was very exciting to me because I had never done it before. We are wonderful writers and directors in our country. This kind of time was needed in our country to thrive in a big, original way in OTT,” says Verma.

குடி ஏடமைதே, A Telugu web series starring Amala Paul and Rahul Vijay, is based on two protagonists involved in a kidnapping scam. Speaking about the film, director Pawan Kumar said that the reason why this genre is so interesting is because the audience is always interested in science fiction.

“The reason behind that is that you have a somewhat familiar place with regular dramas or thrillers. Outside of science fiction, visitors experience that thrill and ride as they embark on this unknown journey. It allows us to do anything that is supported by scientific theory, and in the realm of magic. Sometimes you need a lot of technical support to do this, sometimes the story and play are written so brilliantly that it can work even harder, ”he explains.

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