Indranil Senkuptha rumored to be separated: There will always be chaos and noise, I want to be quiet | Internet series

Actor Indra Senkuptha says it is not difficult to deal with these confusions about personal life.

News has been circulating for some time that Indranil Sengupta and his wife Barka Sengupta are in trouble in heaven. But Indra Senkuptha believes in maintaining a decent silence on the matter.

“At first I did not want to comment on my personal life. I am a very closed person. I keep my life very personal. I never thought of trying to answer and explain to people. This is not their job, ”he tells us.

Said to be an actor who has had tremendous success in the last two months ஆரண்யக் And Man, He says it is not difficult to deal with all these synchronicities about personal life.

“There will always be a lot of confusion and a lot of noise. I’m quiet. Sometimes it’s about your work, sometimes it’s about your personal life. My work as an actor is not for public consumption, Indra Sengupta. I will not let that happen.”

How does all this affect their 10-year-old daughter Meera? “I think she’s very smart, she’s very smart,” he explains, “She’s not overly concerned about the fact that we’m both public and the attention we receive. She does not want attention. I think it does not bother her.

For now, Senkupta is focusing all her energies on her work and hopes to coordinate the success of her two web projects.

“It’s a long wait. It’s a great feeling to have both shows perform so well and get great feedback. I feel OTT is a blessing. Opportunities are low. The number of actors in cinema is low as there are not many cinemas. Many people do not get the opportunity even though everyone wants to come to the cinema. That gap was filled by OTT, ”he concludes.

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