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In a promotional video from the upcoming episode of India’s Got Talent Season 9, you can see referees Shilpa Shetty and Girron Kerr scared as a contestant stunts on the show.

India’s Got Talent Season 9 is set to release on January 15, 2022. In the show’s new promo clip, referees Shilpa Shetty and Girron Kerr were horrified to see a contestant perform a dangerous stunt on stage.

On Tuesday, Sony Entertainment released a new promotional video for the upcoming show. In the clip, you can see a contestant named Granthi doing various stunts. At first he stopped a floor fan by the mouth, and Shilpa screamed in fear when she saw this.

In another part of the video, he sees Granthi being nailed to his nose, and seeing this, Badshah puts his head down and closes his ears. Kiran can be seen getting up from the chair. At the end of the video, Grandi turns a drill into his stumbling block and shouts at Shilpa, “Nahi nahi nahi (no).” Then he put the machine close to his face and shocked everyone.

As soon as the video was dropped, people started commenting about it. One person said, “This is so scary. Shilpa Ka Do Dar Ke Mare Hall Karab Ho Gaya (Shilpa is going to be very scared) ”Another wrote,“ Just Indian shows ”with laughing emojis.

Earlier, Shilpa shared a video of the upcoming show on her Instagram page. He said, “Ye do pass trailer tha … iss se kahin zyada nail-biting acts dekhne ke Liye judiyega Hamaare Saath (This is just a trailer. There will be a lot of nail biting moments on the show, so join us).”

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The first season of India’s Got Talent aired in 2009. Crohn, actress Sonali Bendre and film director Sehgar Kapoor were the judges. Over time the show welcomed many new judges like Sajid Khan, Dharmendra, Farah Khan, Karan Johar and many more.

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