In support of Dimple Kapadia, Twinkle Khanna says she became an actress ‘out of need’: ‘I had a mother’ | Bollywood

Actor and writer Twinkle Kanna has spoken about having to pursue a career ‘out of necessity’ without wanting to be an actor. In a recent interview with actor Kareena Kapoor on the Dweek India stage, Twinkle revealed how she chose the career because she had a single mother. Twinkle, daughter of actor Dimple Kapadia and late actor Rajesh Khanna.

On the show, Kareena Kapoor talked about choosing an actor’s career, “I think being an actress means you’re been an artist, you know it, and I think people think ‘OK, this is the easy way’. I think it’s so hard. ” Twinkle replied, “I do not think it’s easy, I can not do it.

Twinkle asked how Kareena convinced her family that she wanted to work in films because ‘women from the Kapoor clan are not allowed to act in films’. To which he replied, “I think Mom was very supportive too. When my father found out that Lolo wanted to be an actress, he was a little upset at first, but many who knew my father knew that he was very talented. I think he was very open-minded.” Kareena said that he is more like a friend than an existing father who says ‘No, this, this tradition, it can’t be done’. So we’m very lucky in that respect, you know, Lolo built a kind of road, and I followed. “

Twinkle said, “I know it’s a choice for you, but for me, I really did not want to be an actress. It was unnecessary. I had a mom, and she gave it to everyone.” She continued, “Even for Lolo, I think she had to leave college and join it.” When Kareena pointed out that they started ‘very young’, Twinkle said, “We started very young, in fact, ‘this is the quickest way to support our family.’

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Dimple married Rajesh in 1973 and separated from him in 1982. The couple has two daughters – Twinkle and Ringe Khanna. Twinkle married actor Akshay Kumar in January 2001 and has a son, Aarav, and a daughter, Nithara.

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