In a viral video, Gauhar Khan slanders a woman who throws fruit from a vendor’s cart, and offers to buy everything: ‘Failure’ | Bollywood

Gauhar Khan, who is widely known on social media, has responded to a viral video of an incident from Bhopal. The video, which has been circulating on the internet, shows an angry woman seen throwing fruit from a vendor’s cart and smashing it on the road.

The video, shared by a paparazzi account on Instagram, provoked Kauher’s reaction when he called the woman a ‘loser’ and criticized her for her behavior. He said he would like to share the details of the fruit seller with him and would like to provide financial assistance.

“What a lofty leader is a loser. Shame on her. Please help me with any information about the fruit seller I would like to buy his entire cart for him. Insult her by name, ”read Gauhar on Instagram. In the comments section, Gauhar was praised with supportive comments for his gesture. “You have a very tender heart,” said one Instagram user, while another said: “You have such a beautiful soul.”

According to reports, the woman started picking fruit on the road after the vehicle allegedly hit her car. The woman is said to have been identified as a university professor in Bhopal based on a sticker affixed to her car, but her identity has not been officially confirmed. Bhopal Collector Avinash Lavania clarified in a tweet on Tuesday that the matter is being investigated by the district authority.

Gauhar recently called a Twitter user who slandered various personal laws while speaking out in favor of uniform civil law. “Hey loser! I am a Muslim, no one can stop us from getting our rights, India is secular, it is democracy, not dictatorship as you want! So be comfortable with your American status and stop inciting hatred in my country, ”the actor wrote in his tweet.

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Gauhar Khan, who won the Bigg Boss 7, has been tweeting frequently about the ongoing Bigg Boss 15. In some of his tweets, Karan has slammed Kundra as a ‘bully’ and scolded Tejaswi Prakash for showing Salman Khan rudely. .

Gauhar is married to Jaitley Darber and has starred in TV shows like Nagin 3 and Kathbandan.


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