Ileana D’Cruz, who shared the unedited photo, says she removed the app to show herself ‘slim’ | Bollywood

Ileana D’Cruz won the body positivity, without any filters, as she shared a picture of herself posing in a bikini on her new Instagram post. Taking it to Instagram Stories, he revealed that he had removed all photo editing apps that might make someone look ‘slim’ and ‘high tone’.

“It’s so easy to get caught up in applications that easily transform your body, making you ‘slim’, ‘over-colored’, etc … I’m proud to have removed and selected all of those apps. instead of this. This is me, I embrace every inch, every curve, I embrace everything, ”he wrote. He added the hashtag ‘You are beautiful’.

Ileana de Cruz celebrated her body in a new post.
Ileana de Cruz celebrated her body in a new post.

Earlier, Ileana said she had struggled with physical dysmorphic disorder and therefore had suicidal thoughts. He spoke about this at the 21st World Mental Health Congress in 2017.

Ileana also revealed how the treatment helped to overcome the problems. “Disabilities are a part of life. One must learn to love who you are. You are allowed to be human and imperfect, and you are allowed to be imperfect. In your imperfections, there is a lot of beauty in your uniqueness,” she said.

Ileana often shares posts about self-love. In 2020, he said in an Instagram post that he was ‘always worried’ about his appearance. “My hips are too wide, my thighs are too loose, my hips are not short enough, my abdomen is not flat enough, my breasts are not big enough, my buttocks are too big, my arms are too tight, my nose is not full enough. … I was worried I was not tall enough, not beautiful enough, not funny enough, not smart enough, not ‘perfect’ enough, ”she wrote later. Meaning ‘pretty flawed’ and ‘stand alone’.

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Ileana, who has starred in films like Burphy, Fota Poster Nikla Hero, Happy Ending and Rustam, last starred with Abhishek Bachchan and Nikita Dutta in the Disney + Hotstar series The Big Bull.

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