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Actor Karan Patel, a real actor can never be satisfied with his work and slow down

Actor Karan Patel believes that a true actor can never be satisfied with his work.

“What good is being in a creative job if I feel like I’m in a happy place and relaxed. As a creative expert, I refuse to slow down and continue to try to do something better. I will try my best to be in the happy zone,” he says. Yeh Hai Mohopatin And Kasaudi Zindagi K2 Actor.

With a career spanning nearly two decades, Patel calls himself a spontaneous actor. “Everyone has his own, but I like to get down to the scenes spontaneously. Is it an autobiography or something, if I have to be a particular person, completely immersed in the character of Mujh Se Yeh Prep-Rep and Hoka Hai Nai – it’s not me because it always works for me. , Scenes and I really like taking a character by the head.

Seen in pictures Shooting in Wadala And FamousPatel says that every situation of working in every medium has its own pros and cons.

“The epidemic may have wreaked havoc on our industry, but at the same time it has opened up a huge avenue like OTT. In fact, many artists have found work and escaped the difficult phase. Nai dekya ja sakta… ”

Patel is making his debut on OTT soon and the actor is excited to explore a new medium. “There is more excitement and less fear. In fact, I expect a good audience reception just like the first part of the series. I hope this is my OTT introduction. Blood transfusion2 There will be good reception. Acting as a cop got me an adrenaline rush. Following this, another web series is in the pipeline in the middle of the year, ”says the soft-spoken actor.

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