‘I play Indian Wonder Woman’: Mahek Sahal about his role in Nagin 6

Actor Mahek Sahal has compared his role in Nagin 6 to Wonder Woman because he ‘saves the world from the corona’. In a new interview, Mahek said his character is strong, adding that this time ‘many women want to be in my shoes’.

In Nagin 6, actor Tejaswi Prakash plays the title role. The show airs Saturdays and Sundays from February 12 at 8pm in Colors. It is also available in wood. After the success of Big Boss 15, Tejaswi got the role in that serial.

In an interview with the Indian Express, Makek spoke about his character. “Honestly, I play the Indian wonder girl. She came out to save the world from the corona virus. This is a positive character and I’m very excited about it. The whole story has changed this season. Also, I am glad that the producers were able to create such a strong character. I previously worked with Ekta on Kawachi and I think she looked at it for me to pull this off. I went to Goa after Lockdown and she invited me with this show. This is an amazing character and I hope many women will want to be in my shoes at this time.

Mahek said he would like to share the criticisms the season receives for using the epidemic as a conspiracy: “I do not think we are joking because this is a very serious matter, and one that is important. I think a lot of films can be made in the next few years focusing on the same thing. Many have gone through their difficult time and it will suit them.

On Tuesday, Mahek shared his look on Instagram. In the photo, he was wearing a blue and silver dress and it was adorned with jewelry. Sharing this post, Mahek captioned, “The wait is finally over ….. Nagin 6 is excited to reveal my look and my character.”

“Nagin’s character spoke to me very deeply and I know I have to take it. She is India’s defender, she is strong and powerful. I believe Indian women these days exhibit these qualities, which is why I wanted to take it. It reflects my faith in today’s woman. Created a character, “he added.

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Apart from Tejaswi and Mahek, actors Urvashi Tolakia and Sudha Chandran are all set to return to fiction.

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