I avoid the web because of abuse: Rajpal Yadav | Internet series

Actor Rajpal Yadav, who feels grateful for working in these difficult epidemic times, is happy that so many entertainment media are now thriving. “The future of art is bright for web series, cinema and TV. The next 10 years will be a golden age for us as we look at the changes that are taking place in our industry, ”he said.

The Hungama (2003) The actor is amazed by the variety of characters that come his way. “Kala Jitni Bikardi Hai, Udni Hi Nikarti Hai. In our country, there are so many different cultures, stories and ideas like this, only a small part of them coming to the screen, ”says Yadav, who gets a lot of internet offers, but he is not introduced to the OTT space. Still.

“I work only on my own terms. For the past few years, I have been avoiding the web because of abuses in most screenplays. If something (abusive language) is part of the story, it can be accepted, but not just for that. For me, the idea is that Pache, Bhude Aur Naujawan, Sabko Manoranjan Mile Ek Saman, ”the actor explains.

Actor at the Paradent Dance Academy in Lucknow.  (Instagram)
Actor at the Paradent Dance Academy in Lucknow. (Instagram)

But the 50-year-old appreciates that the OTT has removed the class and cost barrier and created entertainment at an affordable price for everyone. “Cinema has become unaffordable to the people. But today, with OTT, a farmer can entertain himself with the same content (until a few years ago) that he did not reach during his lunch break. This is truly a revolution, ”says Yadav, who will soon be seen in several films, including Pool Pulia2 And Earth.

An alumnus of the National School of Drama, New Delhi and the Bharatiya Natya Academy (1992-94), Lucknow, during his visit to the state capital, he was a versatile actor and interested actors like Badai and Kathai (it is very important to go for study and training.)

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