Hyderabad court imposes interim injunction, locks up legal issue, new advertisement says ‘coming soon’ instead of February 27 | Internet series

A few days before the premiere screening of Kangana Ranaut’s digital debut, she faces her lock-up legal issue. The copyright infringement case was filed earlier and the Hyderabad Civil Court has now imposed an interim injunction against the lock-up makers. The names Alt Balaji and Balaji Telefilms are mentioned in the case. Ekta Kapoor is also named separately in the case along with Karan Medi’s MX player and Endeavor Shine. (Read also: Lock-up: Karanveer Bohra 5th prisoner, accused of stealing light)

In an order dated February 23, the Hyderabad City Civil Court said, “An interim injunction should be imposed against the respondents / defendants, their persons and agents or other persons working on their behalf to publish, display or publish the series. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for March 9, with defendants locking up in theaters, OTT platforms, YouTube, any electronic media and social media, or under any other name.

The lawsuit was probably funded by Sanobar Peik, who wrote the idea for a reality show in 2018 at the Screenwriters Association and is developing the idea in collaboration with director Chandanu Rae. The show was called Jail. He also said that Endemol CEO Abhishek Rage was in touch with Sanobar and that they had already discussed the idea for the show and promised to implement it after the outbreak. The Hyderabad-based businessman also gave the idea of ​​the show to Star Plus, but things did not work out.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Sanobar confirmed that the notice was sent in person. “I am not looking for fame or money. My entire team – writer, screenwriter, director, everyone – worked on the concept for at least eight months. He also said that without “our consent” it would not be acceptable for someone else to go with the idea.

Asked if he was seeking credit for his idea, compensation or participation, Sanobar said, “I would like to leave it to the court to decide. When I discussed this in 2020, Endemol promised me that we would do this as a joint venture. Later, he (Enddemol CEO Abhishek) shared this with Alt Balaji. Decided to share, they’re collaborating and now doing this show. It’s like punching me in the back. “

In his petition, Sanofar noted that there was also a jailer for his opinion on the show, that contestants should be in costume (as we saw in the Lock Up ads). It will feature a jailer, an assistant jailer, six guards (three men and three women) and 22 celebrities who will be incarcerated for 100 days.

The show’s producers have not yet responded to the ban, but the show’s premiere date has not been mentioned in the latest ad for the show. Kangana Ranaut is all set to host a show marking her digital debut. Nisha Rawal, Babita Bogat, Poonam Pandey, Karanveer Bohra and Munawar Farooqi have been confirmed as the participants of the show which will air from February 27.

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