Husband Karan Mehra admits to an affair, but locks up with Nisha Rawal says she loves him | Internet series

Nisha Rawal opened up about her estranged husband Karan Mehra and revealed that they had admitted to having a relationship after the birth of their son Kavish. Nisha was talking to her co-contestant Payal Rohatki on the reality show Lock Up. Kangana Ranaut is the presenter and Karan Kundra is the new jailor for the show which will be streamed on digital sites Alt Balaji and MX Player. (Read also: Karan wants to protect his son from ‘all evils’ amid ongoing feud with wife Nisha)

Speaking to Payal, Nisha said, “I was shocked and did not know he was in touch.” Payal asked her if it had been a long time, and Nisha added, “He told me it was seven-eight months, but he told me he knew that girl before he knew me. So, I do not know. Once you broke my pants. Hope, It’s over, so I sit him down, turn on the AC, and ask him, ‘Is this an issue?’ He said to me, ‘Yes, I love you too.’ It shocked me.

Nisha, who did not even tell her mother who was staying with them at the time, said she wanted to protect their baby from all negativity. He said his affair continued even after Karan confessed to him. “I’m a very intelligent person, but have the courage to come face to face and say, I’m going to behave politely to what you like now. I just made the Kavish film, “said Nisha.

She added, “Then, when we broke up, why should he behave like a child? I’m strong, I do not need sh **. I want to do it myself, I want to raise my child. You overcome your physical abuse. , But emotional abuse … you feel unimportant. ” Nisha cried saying that she had made a press conference to face her allegations but she had released several videos. “I know what’s going on in my life. I had to go to work, I had to show my kid that nothing happened, I had to make sure I got up in the morning and attended his online classes. I had ketchup on my forehead when I had a bandage, and people told me I knew what it was. I don’t care about the people. “

Then Payal told Nisha that she was a strong woman and did not have to worry about people. He takes care of his baby and mother, and she has to work because he finances them.

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