How Violent Is Violence on the Web? Vishal Furia Reaction | Internet series

Director Chori (2021) believes that violence should be used in the story only if the script demands it, otherwise it will lead to hatred.

OTT platforms have become popular as a result of its graphic content, and violent violence has become a staple of crime thrillers and horror films. Take the web series and pictures, for example Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Beatle, Haseen Dilruba (2021), and, most recently, Romantic hostelIt was called by many a terrible and horrible noir.

Also, as the debate over Internet content censorship continues, the key question is: How violent is violence on OTT sites? “On-screen violence or suggestive violence is sometimes shown to provoke intense emotions from the audience,” says Vishal Furia, the director of the horror film. Chori (2021) and co-director of the Internet series Criminal justice.

Talking about how violence is used as a tool to advance the story, he continues, “This stimulus can provoke sympathy or resentment depending on the way the story is told by the creator. In horror films, violence is sometimes used as a powerful tool to tell a story.

He shared, “In my film, Chori, Pregnant women killed their own bellies, which was a metaphor for the evil of female infanticide. Furia continues, “A talented storyteller will always use violence effectively and self-censor his content. Unintentional violence is just boring and does not provoke any emotions other than hatred.

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