How the epidemic prompted filmmaker Aditya Sarbottar to make a zombie movie | Bollywood

Aditya Sarpodhar’s latest film, Zombiely A Marathi Zombie Comedy. He says the idea to try this type came from the epidemic crisis, which makes people fear about what they don’t know.

“During the first lock, we were told to write the picture. We felt it was the right time to go to this place, ”he tells us.

Citing the similarities between the epidemic and the zombies in the film, Sarbothar adds, “It’s about a threat we do not know, a period of time, and not much is known about what’s going on. That is the basic idea of ​​the zombie movie. This is something we all went through on the first lockdown. It was so nice to put zombies in these kinds of emotions.

The filmmaker says that Zombie has always been a fan of serials and films and an ardent follower of serials and films. The Walking Dead, Shawn of the Dead And Korean movies in this regard.

“I always wanted to come to this place. But, in our country we have never tried this big. We had a picture Goa Goa is gone (2013) But that’s all. Not impossible to try. It can be easily adapted to our landscape, ”explains the filmmaker.

So why did he take it as a Marathi film instead of a Hindi language film? Sarbothar says he felt he could have as much fun with the story as he went local.

“The minute you step out of Hindi, a lot of the economy plays out – where do you shoot, who do you cast, how do you set it up. Then you lose the essence of making a highly rooted film. I feel that the strength of regional cinema can be local cinema and that it still has a global appeal. But we plan to release the Hindi dubbed version of the film soon. ”

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