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About five minutes into the first episode of How I Made Your Fota, I laughed my first slight laugh. That may be the level of my fun in the two episodes I watched. I agree that I am not a big fan of the original (how I met your mom). I was initially excited about this idea, but realized that the show lasted a long time and the results did not match exactly. If you try to fix how I met your father, it will have a bad start. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

Since I have seen both chapters, I consider it my duty to list the reasons why you should not watch. In fact, I would say you should not be in the room where the TV set / laptop / tablet / mobile is streaming.

The best thing about how I met your mother was the unique feedback. It followed when Ted Mosby described to his two children how he met his mother. The worst thing is that it dragged on for years. In the end, before you stumbled upon your mother, the show How I Dated Half the Women in New York might have been better called.

We saw how this story goes. We loved it and hated it. We’ve done it. Why do we want it again? Seeing how I met your dad seems like meeting an ex, who, after a makeover, demands a second chance. If you want to regain that toxicity in your life, be my guest. But you and I know how it ends (Ted goes back to Robin after 200 meaningless episodes).

Hillary Duff and Christopher Lowell in How I Made Your Father.
Hillary Duff and Christopher Lowell in How I Made Your Father.

The series is most clearly a gender-reverse spinoff, with Sophie (Hillary Duff) replacing Ted Mosby. I am for representation of everything. We definitely need shows with women and minorities in the lead roles. So in a way, it was heartening to see a black boy with a romantic interest in the lead and an Indian man and an Asian woman as the main actors. But it all seems compelling. Don’t we already have women-led sitcoms on Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City? In fact, we were at the Golden Girls forty years ago and seventy years ago at I Love Lucy. Recycling the old successful concept and turning gender upside down is not representation. This is a gimmick. Ask anyone who has seen the 2016 edition of Ghostbusters.

This series seems to have been created by someone who only read about millennials or the British people. Because everyone here is a caricature of themselves: a New Yorker who jokes about Tinder dates and Uber rides, a British guy who uses phrases like ‘hoity toity’ and a millennial who uses many abbreviations. IKR?

Laughter tracks abound in the last decade. There was a time when laughter tracks were sometimes necessary or tolerable. But that time is gone. You can film the show in the presence of live viewers (friends) or remove the laughter completely (office). But don’t tell me when to laugh. Please let your writing and writing do it.

The most pronounced difference from the original is that the author of the original story – the pop sajet – never heard of and never seen, here we are in full view of Kim Cadrell (aged Sophie). Focusing on children listening to their father’s stories at HIMYM allowed the audience to connect with them and their reactions and to be a part of the story. It also allowed me to imagine what the aged Ted would look like. There is no contradiction between the two actors playing the protagonist. It worked. In HIMYF, the idea that Sophie’s son has a body voice and that he is played by another actor is contradictory.

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If this show had achieved anything, it would have made me miss the pop sajet so much. With the exception of Neil Patrick Harris as Barney, if How I Made Your Mother turned the show into the show it promised, it’s the wonderful story of Bob Socket as Old Dead. Kim Cottrell may be a talented actor, but he falls right there. RIP, pop. We miss you here.

How I Made Your Father, starring Hillary Duff, Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa and Suraj Sharma, aired on Hulu and Disney + Hotstar in the US. The first two episodes were released on January 19, and the next episodes will be released weekly.


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